Miss Gay America 2005

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As a Miss Gay America Raquel continues to travel throughout the country.

       In 2009, Raquel graduated magna cum laude with a "Master of Science in Health Care Management.

       In 2010, Raquel launched what have become the internationally renowned online store, Raquel Chevallier Productions, & now on eBay!

Still twirling - Keep informed of Raquel's travels through her calendar.



2012 Calendar of Events


May 4th

11:30 pm

Corner Bar

Monroe, LA


May 5th

8:00 pm


Miss Gay Southern Elegance America

Club Pink

Monroe, LA





June - Stay Tuned

8:00 pm


Lipstixx Show

Bourbon Pub/Parade

New Orleans, LA

August 16th – 17th


Miss Gay Louisiana America Pageant


Baton Rouge, LA



October 10th – 14th


41st Annual Miss Gay America Pageant

Columbus, Ohio

















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