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Raquel Chevallier


Raquel's Bio

Raquel Chevallier was crowned the 33rd Miss Gay America, October 2004 in Little Rock, AR. Raquel has competed, solely, in the Gay America Pageant system for 9 years.

Having built a very strong and respected reputation in the pageant system, Raquel has held the following titles: Miss National Apollo '97, Miss Gay Pride Louisiana '98, and Miss Gay Mississippi '99.

Her list of titles in the Gay America Pageant system includes Miss Gay Louisiana '96, Miss Gulf States '97, Miss Delta States '98, Miss Southern Elegance '99, Miss Tri States 2000, Miss Minnesota Regional 2002 and Miss Tri States 2005.

She was a top ten finalist in the Miss Gay America Pageant in '98, '99, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Those last two years she placed 3rd alternate.

Residing in New Orleans, LA with her partner Chris of 13 years, Raquel graduated magna cum laude with a “Master of Science in Health Care Management.”  Near the end of 2010, Raquel opened what has become the internationally renowned online eBay store, “Raquel Chevallier Productions.”

Raquel continues to periodically travel throughout the country as a former Miss Gay America.  Keep posted to her appearances and performances on the Calendar page.


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